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TOP WWE NXT Superstar COULD JOIN Judgment Day faction

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest speculation surrounding the Judgment Day faction in WWE.

The faction, which currently boasts members like Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Dominik Mysterio, has been a force to reckon with, causing chaos and dominating the scene.

But recent developments suggest that the group might be on the verge of adding another member to its ranks.

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Dominik Mysterio’s Surprising Revelation

Dominik Mysterio, once seen as a promising babyface, has undergone a significant transformation in his character.

His shift to a more sinister persona has not only elevated his status within the WWE but has also made him a pivotal member of the Judgment Day faction.

Recently, in a conversation with Bakers Bantering, Dominik shed light on the possibility of NXT superstar Cora Jade joining their faction.

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The Power Lies with Rhea Ripley

While the Judgment Day faction has several influential members, it seems the decision to induct a new female member rests solely with Rhea Ripley.

Dominik Mysterio emphasised this point during his chat, stating, “Cora Jade, oh, even more interesting. Again, when it comes to the females, Mami Rhea is the one that has the last say because you gotta get through her first. So, I think when it comes to Cora, yeah Mami is gonna have to handle that one. See what Mami says.”

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Cora Jade: Current Status

Cora Jade, despite her absence from NXT television due to personal reasons, remains a fan favourite.

Her potential inclusion in the Judgment Day faction would undoubtedly add a new dynamic to the group. However, fans will have to exercise patience as the decision, and the subsequent developments unfold.

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The Impact of a New Addition

The introduction of Cora Jade into the Judgment Day faction could have significant implications. Not only would it bolster the group’s strength, but it would also provide Jade with an opportunity to showcase her skills on a grander stage.

Given the faction’s current dominance, her addition could very well make them an unstoppable force in the WWE.

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