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Could Malakai Black go back to WWE?

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All Elite Wrestling star Malakai Black recently confirmed that he had requested his release from the company, but could he return to WWE?

Speaking on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed more about the situation and how Black might work going forward.

‘He had a push there [AEW] and he was hurt, which was part of the problem. I think he had a bad back and so he was used not as much as late” Meltzer began.

“They put him in the trios thing, so the other two guys’¦it’s a lot easier with an injury to be in a Trio rather than being used as a singles guy a lot” Meltzer explained.

Malakai Black WWE Return

“I guess we have to wait for it to play out and see what the situation is. Basically, it’s what type of a deal he and Tony Khan came up with. Tony Khan wouldn’t talk about it. He talked a lot but didn’t say any specifics as to what the deal is. The story going around was that it was a conditional release and what that meant, I don’t really know” Meltzer revealed.

“The assumption of a conditional release is that it’s probably something where he can’t just go right to WWE. Maybe there’s a timeframe or something like that. I don’t think he would agree to it if the timeframe was four and a half years” Meltzer concluded.

Essentially, yes Malakai Black could end up returning to WWE, but it’ll likely be a fair few months until it actually happens.

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