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In a thrilling turn of events, the WWE universe witnessed the official reinstatement of two of its stars during the recent episode of WWE NXT aired on August 29th. The dramatic episode centred around a steel cage match that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The Creed Brothers, consisting of Julius and Brutus Creed, had previously been banished from the WWE Performance Center. Their banishment followed a significant loss in the ‘Loser Leaves NXT’ match against Schism in June. The stakes were high, and the loss meant a temporary exit for the brothers from the NXT scene.

However, destiny had other plans. The two tag teams faced off once again, but this time, the setting was different – a steel cage.

The cage was strategically chosen to prevent any external interference, ensuring a fair fight. Adding to the drama was the stipulation that if the Creeds emerged victorious, they would be officially reinstated to NXT.

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WWE NXT: Unexpected Twists and Turns

As the match commenced, a twist awaited the audience. Only Julius Creed managed to enter the cage. His brother and tag team partner, Brutus, faced an unexpected challenge.

Masked followers of Schism ambushed him, preventing his entry into the cage. This sudden turn of events left Julius to fend for himself in what seemed like a steel cage 2 on 1 match.

However, Brutus wasn’t one to be held back for long. Displaying sheer determination, he fought off the Schism members, making a dramatic re-entry onto the entrance ramp.

In a display of raw power, Brutus managed to rip the cage door open with his bare hands, turning the tide of the match. The cage door, once a barrier, now became a weapon in the hands of the Creed Brothers.

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Victory and Celebration

The climax of the match saw the Creed Brothers clinch a hard-fought victory over the Dyad, marking their official reinstatement in NXT.

The atmosphere was electric as they celebrated their win with Ivy Nile in the ring. Commentators highlighted the significant moment, noting the reunion of the Diamond Mine.

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