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Former WWE Superstar SLATES company for not “believing” in them

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In a recent and bold move, Ash By Elegance, formerly known as Dana Brooke in WWE, has officially signed with TNA Wrestling.

This transition marks a significant shift in her professional wrestling career, as she openly criticises WWE for their lack of faith in her abilities.

WWE News: Ash By Elegance’s New Beginning in TNA

Ash By Elegance made her debut at TNA’s Hard To Kill 2024 event, immediately making waves in the wrestling community.

TNA’s official Twitter account celebrated her signing, indicating a promising future for the wrestler in her new home. In a candid discussion on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Ash By Elegance shared her enthusiasm and plans for her tenure in TNA.

She expressed a strong desire to showcase her true potential, something she felt was stifled during her time in WWE.

WWE News: The Struggles and Frustrations at WWE

Reflecting on her WWE journey, Ash By Elegance conveyed a sense of disappointment, feeling that the company never truly believed in her.

Despite support from some producers, like TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd), she often found herself sidelined, missing opportunities to demonstrate her full capabilities.

She recounted a specific instance from 2018 or 2019 during the Money in the Bank event, where her proposal for a high-risk manoeuvre was rejected, further exemplifying WWE’s lack of confidence in her.

Looking Ahead with Determination

In TNA, Ash By Elegance is determined to break free from the constraints she experienced in WWE.

She aims to bring a new level of aggression and passion to her performances, tapping into aspects of her character that she believes were previously underutilized.

Her move to TNA is not just a change of scenery but a chance to redefine her wrestling persona and prove her detractors wrong.


  • Who is Ash By Elegance? Ash By Elegance, formerly known as Dana Brooke in WWE, is a professional wrestler who has recently signed with TNA Wrestling.
  • Why did Ash By Elegance leave WWE? She felt that WWE did not believe in her potential and often limited her opportunities to showcase her abilities.
  • What are Ash By Elegance’s plans in TNA? She intends to demonstrate her true potential, bringing a new level of drive, determination, and a different side of aggression to her performances in TNA.
  • Did anyone in WWE support Ash By Elegance? Yes, producers like TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) were advocates for her, but overall, she felt unsupported by the company.
  • What does Ash By Elegance’s move to TNA signify for her career? Her move to TNA represents a fresh start and an opportunity to redefine her wrestling persona, free from the constraints she experienced in WWE.
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