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Former WWE 24/7 Champion RELEASED by the company

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In a surprising turn of events, Dana Brooke, a former WWE 24/7 Champion, has been released from her WWE contract.

This news has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, given Brooke’s dedication and hard work over the years.

Dana Brooke’s journey with WWE has been nothing short of commendable. She has always been known for her unwavering drive and commitment to the sport. Her dedication was never in question within the WWE. In fact, she had been using her time in NXT, WWE’s developmental territory, to rejuvenate and refresh herself.

This stint in NXT was seen as a way for Brooke to hone her skills and come back stronger to the main roster. However, her journey with the company has now come to an unexpected halt.

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Recent WWE Releases

Brooke’s release is not an isolated incident. WWE has been making significant talent cuts recently. Just a week ago, the company let go of over 100 employees from their headquarters.

Dana Brooke’s name is now added to a growing list of talents who have been released. Other notable names include NXT star Quincy Elliott and Rick Boogs.

The reasons behind these releases remain speculative, but it’s evident that the company is undergoing some major changes.

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Brooke’s Legacy

Despite her release, Dana Brooke’s legacy in WWE remains intact. She is remembered for her tenacity, her drive, and her ability to entertain the audience.

Whether it was her time as the 24/7 Champion or her various storylines and feuds, Brooke always gave it her all. Her release might be the end of her WWE chapter, but fans are hopeful that this is just a new beginning for the talented wrestler.

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The Wrestling Community Reacts

The wrestling community has been vocal about Brooke’s release. Many fans have taken to social media platforms to express their disappointment and shock.

The general sentiment is one of surprise, especially considering Brooke’s recent efforts in NXT to reinvent herself.

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike are showing their support, hoping that Dana Brooke finds success in her future endeavours.

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What’s Next for Dana Brooke?

While the immediate future might seem uncertain, Dana Brooke’s talent and dedication to the sport ensure that she won’t be away from the spotlight for long.

Whether she chooses to join another wrestling promotion or venture into a different field, her fans will undoubtedly be behind her every step of the way.

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