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Dana Brooke reacts to fan criticism on Twitter

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Dana Brooke, a main roster star who moved back to WWE NXT, recently faced a tumultuous night that has since ignited a wave of fan critique’‹.

But it’s the way she responded to this criticism, and the support she received, that tells a story of resilience and determination.

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An Unexpected Turn of Events

The June 20th edition of WWE NXT witnessed Brooke in a one-on-one match against former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, Cora Jade. Brooke, initially positioned as the babyface, found herself in a sudden reversal of roles during the match’‹.

Midway through, as Brooke attempted a handspring, an unfortunate incident occurred. Her knee buckled, prompting the medical staff to intervene immediately.

The match took an unexpected turn when Cora Jade took advantage of the situation, taunting and screaming at Brooke, who, despite her pain, fought back’‹.

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A Tough Crowd to Please

What was supposed to be Brooke’s comeback story, however, was met with disapproval from the Florida crowd.

Instead of supporting Brooke, they began to boo her while cheering on Jade. As Jade locked Brooke into a single-leg crab, the audience made their sentiments clear, chanting in unison for Brooke to submit’‹.

Despite the overwhelming pressure, Brooke did not give in. The referee intervened, stopping the match and awarding the victory to Jade. Following this, Brooke faced a barrage of criticism from fans’‹.

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Brooke’s Response to Criticism

In response to the criticism, Brooke took to Twitter, addressing the fans directly. “Alright I get it, y’all think I suck’¦. Got it, NOTED, Awesome’¦.. &’¦..’ she tweeted’‹.

Her response, albeit brief, conveyed a strong message – she was aware of the criticism, and she was not afraid to confront it.

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A Ray of Support Amid Criticism

Despite the wave of critique, Brooke found support from a key figure in the wrestling world – former WWE writer, Vince Russo.

Russo offered her some uplifting words, recognizing her hard work and dedication. He tweeted in response, “I don’t. I know you work your ARSE Off!!!”, followed by, ‘Don’t listen to these A** Clowns. They have no idea what you’re up against. Not even knowing you I can tell that you’re one of those special people who just try to be the BEST You can be Every Day. There’s only ONE Person you have to make Proud’”and you are doing that. God Bless.”

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