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Dana White RIDICULES claim about UFC and WWE fans

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The recent merger of WWE and UFC into TKO Holdings Group has certainly stirred the pot in the world of sports entertainment. While this merger promises significant financial gains for investors, it has also sparked a debate about the potential crossover of fan bases between the two entities, including amongst top players like Dana White.

Lawrence Epstein, UFC’s COO, made a rather audacious claim during a media promotion for the new venture. He expressed a desire for every UFC fan to also be a WWE fan and vice versa.

This statement, as expected, caught the attention of many, especially given its ambitious nature.

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Dana White and his Candid Response

Dana White, the face of UFC, didn’t mince his words when responding to Epstein’s claims. While he expressed his fondness for Epstein in a press conference for the latest episode of Dana White’s Contender Series, he was quick to label the statement as one of the “d*mbest” he’s ever heard.

White emphasised that while there might be some overlap between WWE and UFC fans, expecting a complete crossover is unrealistic.

He further elaborated on the distinct nature of the two fan bases, highlighting their contrasting preferences. White suggested that the synergy between these two groups lies in their differences, with very minimal overlap.

He even hinted at the possibility of Epstein being misquoted, as he found it hard to agree with such a perspective.

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The Reality of Bridging Fan Bases

The task of merging two distinct fan bases is no small feat. While there might be some fans who enjoy both UFC and WWE, the majority have a clear preference.

Dana White’s response sheds light on this reality, suggesting that while some crossover is possible, a complete merger of fan bases is a pipe dream.

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The Future of WWE and UFC

With the merger now in place, only time will tell how the two entities will navigate this new terrain. There’s undoubtedly a lot of work ahead if they genuinely wish to bridge the gap between their fan bases.

However, as Dana White pointed out, it might be more about appreciating the unique qualities of each group rather than trying to mould them into one.

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