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Dana White makes MASSIVE claim about CM Punk

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In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), expressed his admiration and respect for CM Punk, real name Phillip Jack Brooks, following his return to WWE at the Survivor Series 2023 pay-per-view event.

White’s comments have stirred interest in the wrestling and mixed martial arts communities, highlighting Punk’s unique journey across different combat sports.

Dana White: Reaction to Punk’s WWE Comeback

Dana White’s response to CM Punk’s sensational return to WWE was one of genuine excitement and support.

He reached out to Punk via text on the night of his comeback, congratulating him on his remarkable appearance in Chicago: “I texted him that night after he walked out in Chicago. It was amazing. I texted and congratulated him, it was incredible.”

A Smooth Collaboration in UFC

Reflecting on his time working with CM Punk in the UFC, White described Punk as “one of the easiest people I’ve ever dealt with.” This statement is particularly significant, considering the issues that many have claimed to have in the past with the Straight Edge Superstar.

White’s commendation of Punk’s character and professionalism speaks volumes about the wrestler’s approach to his career and relationships within the industry.

Dana White on the Respect Earned in Training and Fights

Dana White also touched upon CM Punk’s tenure in the UFC, acknowledging the difficulties Punk faced in his fights.

Importantly, White highlighted the respect Punk garnered from his training partners and others in his camp: “Look, those were tough fights. You know what else is important? Everybody that he trained with and everybody around him in his camp respected him. That spoke volumes.”

CM Punk’s Unique Career Path

CM Punk’s journey from WWE to UFC and back again is a narrative of resilience and versatility. His ability to transition between professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, while maintaining strong relationships and earning respect in both realms, is a rare feat in the combat sports world.

The Future for CM Punk

With his return to WWE, CM Punk has reignited his career in professional wrestling, bringing with him the experience and perspective gained from his time in the UFC.

Fans and industry insiders alike will be watching closely to see how his past experiences influence his future performances in the wrestling ring.


  • What did Dana White say about CM Punk?
    • Dana White praised CM Punk as one of the easiest people he’s ever dealt with and expressed happiness about his return to WWE.
  • How did Dana White react to CM Punk’s WWE return?
    • White congratulated Punk via text on the night of his WWE return, showing support and excitement for his comeback.
  • What was CM Punk’s role in UFC?
    • CM Punk was a fighter in the UFC, where he faced tough fights and earned respect from his training partners and camp.
  • What is CM Punk’s real name?
    • CM Punk’s real name is Phillip Jack Brooks.
  • What makes CM Punk’s career unique?
    • His transition between professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, and the respect he’s earned in both fields, make his career unique.
  • What can fans expect from CM Punk in WWE?
    • Fans can expect an invigorated CM Punk, bringing his experiences from UFC to enhance his performances in WWE.

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