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Dolph Ziggler reveals why he ‘hated’ WrestleMania match

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The story of Mandy Rose and Otis, which unfolded at WrestleMania 36, has left a bitter taste in the mouth of fellow WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler, having a career spanning 18 years, finds it disheartening that the romantic storyline took place in the absence of a live audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dolph Ziggler: First WrestleMania Singles Match in 18 Years

Ziggler opened up about his experience in a recent chat with Sam Roberts. He expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “I hate, I fuc*ing hate that I had one singles match in 18 years and it was on a soundproof stage with no fans.”

His disappointment is not so much about his singles match but more about the circumstances under which it took place.

The Beautiful Story Behind the Scenes

Ziggler’s main grouse lies in the fact that the storyline between Mandy Rose and Otis, which he describes as “the most beautiful story I’ve ever been a part of in this company,” played out without the palpable reaction of the crowd.

The Bond-like Villains: Ziggler and Sonya

Ziggler also discussed his unique chemistry with Sonya, which made them appear like Bond villains.

They had invested significant time behind the scenes, creating a narrative that went beyond the matches.

Dolph Ziggler on The Heartbreaking Finale

The climax of the story, where Otis wins Mandy Rose’s heart after defeating Ziggler, lacked the enthusiastic response of a live audience.

Ziggler laments, “That moment where I get punched in the balls and Otis picks up Mandy and they kiss, and I’m heartbroken that this is not in front of 80,000 people…it was the payoff to a long story”’‹1’‹.

The Impact of Crowd-less Performances

The absence of a live audience due to pandemic restrictions has been a major challenge for the world of wrestling. The wrestlers feed off the energy of the crowd, and their absence has made a significant impact.

In Ziggler’s case, it has left him with a sense of disappointment over what could have been a high point in his career. Yet, he remains proud of the storyline and the work he and his colleagues put into it.

The world of wrestling, like many other sports, is eagerly awaiting the return of live audiences. As Ziggler’s experience shows, the presence of a live audience is an integral part of the wrestling spectacle. Their return will indeed be a moment of celebration for both the performers and fans alike.

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