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Expectation that Dolph Ziggler RETURNS to WWE following RELEASE

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In a surprising turn of events, Dolph Ziggler, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, found himself among the talents released by WWE after its merger with UFC into TKO Group Holdings. However, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculations and hopes for his return.

AEW commentator Jim Ross recently shared his insights on Ziggler’s future during his Grilling JR podcast. Ross expressed a strong belief that Ziggler’s absence from WWE would be temporary.

He emphasised that once the initial shock of the release subsides, the company would likely reconsider the numerous roles Ziggler could play, not just within the wrestling ring but beyond it.

Ross even hinted at the possibility of Ziggler taking on a role similar to that of Adam Pearce on RAW. He firmly stated, “Ziggler’s a star, and you don’t just cast stars to the side.”

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Triple H’s Influence Behind the Scenes

Ross also touched upon the significant influence of Triple H in WWE’s decision-making processes. He highlighted Triple H’s deep understanding and passion for the wrestling business, referring to him as more than just a nickname but a true “student of the game”.

Ross recalled his own experiences with Triple H, noting their shared love for wrestling and the mutual respect they hold for each other.

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Dolph Ziggler and NXT’s Role in Shaping Future Talents

The conversation also veered towards the NXT brand and its pivotal role in moulding the next generation of wrestling talents.

Ross expressed his admiration for the concept of NXT and the Performance Center. He credited Triple H as the driving force behind the Performance Center’s success in producing top-tier wrestling talents.

Ross believes that NXT stands as one of WWE’s most commendable initiatives, asking, “Where are you going to get talents that are trained?”

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  • Why was Dolph Ziggler released from WWE?
    • Ziggler was released following WWE’s merger with UFC into TKO Group Holdings.
  • Does Jim Ross believe Ziggler will return to WWE?
    • Yes, Jim Ross expects Ziggler to return to WWE in some capacity in the future.
  • What role might Ziggler play upon his return?
    • There’s speculation, as mentioned by Ross, that Ziggler could take on roles beyond just wrestling, possibly similar to Adam Pearce’s role on RAW.
  • What is NXT’s significance in WWE?
    • NXT plays a crucial role in training and shaping the next generation of wrestling talents, with the Performance Center being a key component of this initiative.

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