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Dominik Mysterio makes huge reveal about his WWE career

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Dominik Mysterio, a rising star in the world of wrestling, recently shared some surprising insights about his journey to the WWE.

The son of the legendary Rey Mysterio, Dominik was originally supposed to commence his WWE career in NXT, the brand known for nurturing new talent. However, his journey took an unexpected turn.

In a recent appearance on the Inside The Ropes podcast, Mysterio reflected on his original trajectory into the WWE and why that plan never came to fruition.

According to Mysterio, “I was supposed to go down to NXT and do the whole developmental thing, and how the process is actually supposed to go, but it just never happened. And I never asked or complained.”’‹

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Dominik Mysterio: An Unexpected Opportunity

It seems that the path to the WWE is not always a linear one. Mysterio’s initial plan involved making his debut elsewhere, possibly through independent circuits to hone his skills before stepping into the big leagues.

He explained, “My dad and I ’” we had sat down and figured out how we were going to do it. [The] debut was going to be somewhere else. I was going to go independent for a little while and kind of try to get my training wheels going and get my feet wet.”

Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins: A Turn of Events

However, fate had other plans. The young wrestler found himself faced with an unanticipated opportunity that he could not refuse. The chance to work a program with Seth Rollins, a celebrated WWE Superstar, was an offer too good to pass up.

“When I was offered this opportunity against Seth, I knew that if I turned it down, there wasn’t going to be another opportunity like this,” Mysterio revealed’‹’‹. The decision to accept this offer marked a significant turning point in his career, catapulting him directly into the WWE spotlight, bypassing the NXT route.

Mysterio’s Path: An Exception, Not the Rule

Mysterio’s journey to the WWE main roster, bypassing NXT, is not the typical route taken by most wrestlers. The NXT brand, known as the developmental division of WWE, is usually the stepping stone for upcoming talent to gain experience and exposure before transitioning to the main roster.

However, Mysterio’s straight shot to the big leagues is a testament to his wrestling pedigree and the unique opportunities that presented themselves at the right time.

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