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WWE NXT Superstar OFFICIALLY moved to the Main Roster

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In a significant development for WWE fans, Dragon Lee, a standout performer from NXT, has officially transitioned to the main roster. This move sees him joining the ranks of the WWE SmackDown brand, marking a new chapter in his wrestling career.

Dragon Lee’s ascent to the main roster has been nothing short of meteoric. He made a notable appearance on the September 25th edition of Raw, where he faced off against Dominik Mysterio for the coveted NXT North American Title.

This wasn’t the end of his appearances on the main shows. On September 29th, during an episode of SmackDown, he was seen observing a match between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar.

This observation led to an intriguing confrontation with Austin Theory, setting the stage for a match the subsequent week. In a testament to his prowess, Dragon Lee emerged victorious against Theory on October 6th.

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A Unique WWE Contract and Speculations

Dragon Lee’s journey with WWE began in late 2022 when he inked a deal with the company. What made this contract stand out was its nature – it was considerably more substantial than the typical NXT contracts.

This unique agreement hinted at WWE’s plans to fast-track him to the main roster, a move that has now come to fruition.

Before WWE secured Dragon Lee’s signature, there were rumblings about AEW’s interest in bringing him on board. With WWE’s recent acquisitions of talents like Jade Cargill and Brian Pillman Jr, there’s a growing narrative about the company’s intent to sign more stars from AEW.

Some insiders even suggest that younger talents from AEW are contemplating their future, possibly eyeing a move when their contracts expire.

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What This Means for WWE

Dragon Lee’s move to the main roster, especially to a prominent brand like SmackDown, signifies WWE’s commitment to infusing fresh talent into their main shows.

With his exceptional skill set and the buzz surrounding his matches, fans can anticipate some electrifying bouts in the coming months.

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  • Who is Dragon Lee?
    • Dragon Lee is a professional wrestler who was previously a part of WWE’s NXT brand and has now officially moved to the SmackDown roster.
  • When did Dragon Lee debut on the main roster?
    • He made his main roster debut on the September 25 edition of Raw against Dominik Mysterio.
  • Has Dragon Lee won any matches on the main roster?
    • Yes, he secured a victory against Austin Theory on the October 6 episode of SmackDown.
  • When did Dragon Lee sign with WWE?
    • Dragon Lee signed with WWE in late 2022.
  • Was there any interest from other wrestling promotions in Dragon Lee?
    • Before joining WWE, AEW had shown interest in signing Dragon Lee.

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