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Drew McIntyre says the CHEESY version of him is DEAD

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In a recent turn of events, Drew McIntyre, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, has declared that his ‘cheesy’ persona is a thing of the past.

This bold statement came ahead of the WWE Supershow event in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where McIntyre took to Twitter to express his renewed focus and determination in the wrestling ring.

WWE News: McIntyre’s Bold Proclamation

McIntyre’s message was clear and direct. He emphasised his commitment to leading by example, contrasting his approach with that of CM Punk.

McIntyre highlighted his extensive involvement in live events, TV appearances, media engagements, and community work, including his role as the Global Ambassador for Special Olympics.

This dedication, according to McIntyre, sets a true example of leadership in the wrestling community.

Evolving Beyond the Ring

McIntyre’s journey has been one of evolution and growth. He spoke about his experiences outside WWE, where he expanded his influence and helped grow business in multiple areas.

This journey led him back to WWE to ‘finish what he started as a kid.’ McIntyre’s focus is not just on gaining attention but on making a significant impact in the wrestling world.

WWE News: A Challenge to CM Punk

The rivalry between McIntyre and CM Punk has become a focal point in the wrestling community. McIntyre openly challenged Punk, stating his readiness to eliminate him in the Royal Rumble if they both compete.

He expressed confidence in his abilities, asserting that no one, especially not CM Punk, would stand in the way of his moment of triumph.

McIntyre’s New Era

The declaration by Drew McIntyre marks a new era in his wrestling career. His renewed focus and assertive attitude signal a departure from his previous ‘cheesy’ persona, ushering in the era of ‘Drew f***ing McIntyre.’

This change signifies a more serious and determined approach to his career, promising an intense and competitive future in the ring.

WWE News: Anticipation for the Royal Rumble

The upcoming men’s WWE Royal Rumble match, scheduled for January 27, is highly anticipated, with fans eager to see the new McIntyre in action.

His recent statements have added fuel to the excitement surrounding the event, where he and CM Punk are expected to showcase their rivalry.


  • Who is Drew McIntyre? Drew McIntyre, born Andrew McLean Galloway IV, is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE. He is a two-time WWE Champion and has held various other titles in his career.
  • What did Drew McIntyre say about his persona? McIntyre declared that the ‘cheesy’ version of himself is dead, indicating a shift to a more serious and focused persona in the ring.
  • Why is Drew McIntyre’s statement significant? His statement signifies a change in his approach to wrestling, moving away from a lighter persona to a more intense and competitive style.
  • What is the significance of the Royal Rumble for McIntyre? The Royal Rumble is a major WWE event where McIntyre aims to showcase his new persona and potentially settle his rivalry with CM Punk.
  • How has McIntyre contributed outside the ring? Beyond wrestling, McIntyre is involved in community work and serves as the Global Ambassador for Special Olympics, highlighting his commitment to social causes.
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