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Drew McIntyre MOCKS CM Punk during WWE Dark Match

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In the dynamic world of WWE, rivalries and banter outside the ring often captivate fans as much as the action inside it. A recent incident involving Drew McIntyre and CM Punk has become the talk of the wrestling community.

During a dark match on the 2nd of February episode of WWE SmackDown, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took a playful jab at CM Punk, one of wrestling’s most polarising figures.

WWE News: The Mockery in Motion

As McIntyre made his entrance to face Sami Zayn, he mimicked CM Punk’s iconic “clobbering time” gesture, a move that did not go unnoticed by fans and followers of the WWE universe.

This act of mimicry was not just a spur-of-the-moment decision but seemed to stem from a deeper narrative between McIntyre and Punk.

WWE News: A Rivalry Renewed?

McIntyre’s actions on SmackDown appear to be the latest chapter in a saga of mutual disdain, or at the very least, competitive banter between the two wrestlers.

McIntyre has openly criticised Punk in the past, accusing him of not being supportive early in his career. With Punk’s recent return to WWE and subsequent announcement of an injury, McIntyre was quick to express his delight over Punk’s misfortune, adding fuel to the fire of their rivalry.

WWE News: Social Media Stir

Following the dark match, McIntyre took to social media, proposing to rename his signature move, the Future Shock DDT, in “honour” of CM Punk.

He engaged his followers by asking for name suggestions, leading to a flurry of creative and humorous responses. Suggestions ranged from “Broken Dreams” to “Culture Shock,” showcasing the fans’ engagement in this unfolding drama.

The Waiting Game

While it remains to be seen whether McIntyre will follow through with renaming his move, this episode has certainly added intrigue to the ongoing narrative between him and CM Punk.

Fans are eagerly watching to see how this rivalry evolves, whether it escalates further or if it’s all in good fun.


  • What did Drew McIntyre do to mock CM Punk?
    • McIntyre mimicked Punk’s “clobbering time” gesture during his entrance for a dark match against Sami Zayn.
  • Why is there tension between Drew McIntyre and CM Punk?
    • McIntyre has previously accused Punk of not supporting him early in his career, and he expressed delight over Punk’s recent injury announcement.
  • Did McIntyre propose changing the name of his signature move?
    • Yes, McIntyre suggested renaming his Future Shock DDT in “honor” of CM Punk and asked fans for name suggestions.
  • What are some of the suggested new names for McIntyre’s move?
    • Fans suggested names like “Broken Dreams” and “Culture Shock.”
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