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Drew McIntyre gimmick called LAME and CORNY by WCW legend

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In a recent episode of his podcast “Keepin’ It 100,” WCW legend and AAA booker Konnan expressed his candid views on WWE’s portrayal of Drew McIntyre, particularly criticising McIntyre’s use of a sword named Angela during his entrances.

Konnan described this aspect of McIntyre’s character as “super lame” and “corny,” despite acknowledging the sword’s sentimental value, being named after McIntyre’s mother.

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Konnan’s Take on Drew McIntyre and His Sword

Konnan’s critique didn’t stop at the sword. He also commented on McIntyre’s choice to wear a kilt, noting that while it aligns with McIntyre’s Scottish heritage, it’s part of a broader character presentation that he finds questionable.

However, Konnan did concede that WWE is creating “really interesting TV” with McIntyre at the moment.

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McIntyre’s Recent WWE Performances

Drew McIntyre, whose real name is Andrew McLean Galloway IV, has been a prominent figure in WWE.

Standing at 6’5″ and weighing 265 lbs, McIntyre has a decorated career, being a two-time WWE Champion, one-time NXT Champion, one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and a two-time WWE (Raw) Tag Team Champion.

Despite his achievements, McIntyre recently failed to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins in the “Day 1” edition of Monday Night RAW.

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  • Who is Konnan?
    • Konnan is a WCW legend and AAA booker, known for his influential role in wrestling.
  • What did Konnan say about Drew McIntyre?
    • Konnan called McIntyre’s use of a sword named Angela “super lame” and “corny,” although he acknowledged the sword’s sentimental value.
  • What are Drew McIntyre’s recent achievements in WWE?
    • McIntyre is a two-time WWE Champion, one-time NXT Champion, and has held other titles in WWE.
  • Did Konnan comment on McIntyre’s attire?
    • Yes, Konnan mentioned McIntyre’s kilt, relating it to his Scottish heritage, but questioned its overall impact on his character.
  • How has the wrestling community reacted to McIntyre’s character?
    • Opinions vary, with some appreciating the cultural depth and uniqueness, while others, like Konnan, express criticism.
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