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Drew McIntyre on fans not being excited about WrestleMania 38 bout

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WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently discussed how he believes fans were not excited for his WrestleMania 38 match against Happy Corbin.

Spekaing to Dallas Morning News, the Scottish Superstar addressed how he and the former Money in the Bank winner wanted to blow the fans away.

“AT&T Stadium was unbelievable. It’s got the roof on there, so it contains the noise. It was myself and Corbin. We planned to show everybody ’“ hey, we’re pretty good at this wrestling thing right here” McIntyre began.

‘I know there was a lot of people not exactly that excited about the match. ’¦ [We] said don’t worry, we’re gonna give you a heck of a match” he added.

Drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin WrestleMania 38

“And to hear the crowd’s response when I walked out, to hear the response during the match, to give them that match, and then the sword stunt after the match ’“ which I was terrified wouldn’t work when I was to cut the ropes” the former WWE Champion revealed.

“Because that’s a real sharp sword. It’s not a sword you take to battle, but a sharpened sword, those were real ropes, the ring wasn’t rigged, there was a chance that if I didn’t hit that correctly ’“ which I didn’t a few times when I practised it ’“ that I was going to be very embarrassed in front of the world” he revealed.

“And that’d be a moment that we remembered for all the wrong reasons rather than cutting through the two ropes and then getting outside the ring with my wife and friends and family in the front row” McIntyre jokingly concluded.

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