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WWE has ADDED TIME to a MAJOR Superstar’s contract following injury

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Drew McIntyre stands tall as one of WWE’s premier attractions, making his contract discussions a topic of keen interest among fans and insiders alike. His recent comeback at the 2023 WWE Money in the Bank event, hosted at London’s iconic O2 Arena, marked his triumphant return after a hiatus post-WrestleMania.

This break was essential for McIntyre, allowing him to heal from persistent injuries that had been plaguing him.

When quizzed about his contract status with WWE, McIntyre remained somewhat reticent during an interview with Hindustan Times. He emphasised his present commitment to the company and the fans, stating, “I don’t look to the future, I don’t look to the past, I look to the present.

“My job right now is ensuring we give everyone the best show possible.” He further expressed his dedication to delivering top-notch performances at every event, hinting at his intention to remain with WWE.

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WWE: Approach to McIntyre’s Contract

Interestingly, WWE doesn’t seem to be in a rush to pen a new deal with McIntyre. A significant reason behind this could be the additional time added to his contract, which was recently reported by PWInsider.

Due to the extended break McIntyre took after WrestleMania to recover from his injuries, WWE has added those months to his existing contract.

This move ensures that McIntyre remains with WWE at least until around WrestleMania 40, granting both parties approximately seven months to negotiate and finalise a new agreement.

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What Lies Ahead for McIntyre?

With McIntyre’s extended stay confirmed until the next WrestleMania, WWE has a golden opportunity to craft compelling storylines for him.

A captivating feud could be on the cards, further enticing him to extend his tenure. However, if signs emerge indicating McIntyre’s potential exit from WWE, fans might notice a decline in his prominence during the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Outside WWE, other wrestling promotions might be eyeing McIntyre. AEW could express interest, and Impact Wrestling might welcome the return of Drew Galloway, McIntyre’s previous wrestling persona.

Yet, it seems the Scottish Warrior has more tales to weave in the WWE ring before considering other ventures.

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