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Drew McIntyre: WWE Hall of Famer Makes BIG Claim About Scottish Superstar

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Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray made a bold statement about Scottish superstar Drew McIntyre, sparking a wave of discussions among fans and insiders alike.

Bully Ray shared his candid views on McIntyre during a recent edition of the Busted Open Radio podcast. Despite acknowledging McIntyre’s impressive physical attributes and in-ring capabilities, Ray expressed a lack of interest in McIntyre’s character.

He emphasised the importance of a wrestler’s ability to connect with the audience through their persona and promo skills, areas where he feels McIntyre falls short: “When he talks that’s when you’re supposed to care, and unfortunately, Drew hasn’t done it for me since day one. I love everything about Drew, but when he talks? I just can’t get into him [as a Superstar].”

Drew McIntyre: The Importance of Charisma in Wrestling

The critique by Bully Ray highlights a crucial aspect of professional wrestling – charisma and the ability to engage the audience.

Wrestling is not just about physical prowess; it’s equally about storytelling and creating a connection with the fans. This connection often determines a wrestler’s rise to stardom and longevity in the industry.


  • Who is Drew McIntyre?
    • Drew McIntyre, whose real name is Andrew McLean Galloway IV, is a Scottish professional wrestler currently signed with WWE.
  • What did Bully Ray say about Drew McIntyre?
    • Bully Ray, a WWE Hall of Famer, critiqued McIntyre’s character and promo skills, stating that he doesn’t feel a connection with McIntyre’s persona.
  • What are some of Drew McIntyre’s achievements in WWE?
    • McIntyre is a two-time WWE Champion, one-time NXT Champion, one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and a two-time WWE (Raw) Tag Team Champion.
  • Why is charisma important in professional wrestling?
    • Charisma is crucial as it helps wrestlers connect with the audience, making their character and storylines more engaging and memorable.
  • What might the future hold for Drew McIntyre?
    • McIntyre’s future in WWE may depend on his ability to adapt and connect more deeply with the audience, potentially altering his character or promo style.
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