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Drew McIntyre WWE Salary: Earnings, Contract and more

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In the high-octane world of professional wrestling, few stars shine as brightly as Drew McIntyre. As a pivotal figure in WWE, McIntyre’s presence both in and out of the ring commands attention.

But what about the financial rewards that come with being a top-tier wrestler in the world’s most famous wrestling promotion?

Here, we delve into the earnings, contract, and more of Drew McIntyre’s WWE career.

Drew McIntyre: The Financial Muscle of a WWE Superstar

Drew McIntyre, known for his formidable presence and exceptional wrestling skills, reportedly earns a staggering $550,000 per year, according to Sportskeeda.

This figure places him among the higher echelons of WWE’s salary bracket, reflecting his value and popularity in the industry.

Breaking Down the Salary

  • Base Salary: McIntyre’s base salary of around $550,000 is a testament to his status as a top performer. This sum is exclusive of bonuses and additional earnings.
  • Bonuses and Extras: Like many WWE superstars, McIntyre’s income is supplemented by bonuses, which can include pay-per-view appearances and merchandise sales. These can significantly boost his annual earnings.

Drew McIntyre: The Structure of a WWE Contract

WWE contracts are known for their complexity and variety. While the specifics of McIntyre’s contract are not publicly disclosed, typical WWE contracts include:

  • Duration: Contracts usually span multiple years, offering wrestlers stability and long-term security.
  • Health and Travel: WWE often covers travel expenses and provides health insurance, which is crucial given the physical demands of wrestling.
  • Merchandise Revenue: Wrestlers typically receive a percentage of the revenue from merchandise sales.

McIntyre’s Journey in WWE

Drew McIntyre’s journey in WWE has been one of resilience and triumph. His career, marked by significant milestones and championship wins, also reflects his financial journey in the wrestling world.

Career Highlights

  • Championship Wins: McIntyre’s multiple championship victories have bolstered his reputation and, by extension, his marketability and earning potential.
  • Fan Base: His widespread popularity has a direct impact on merchandise sales, further increasing his earnings.

The Business Side of Wrestling

Wrestling, at its core, is as much about entertainment as it is about athleticism. The financial aspects of a wrestler’s career are deeply intertwined with their performance and popularity.

The Role of Popularity

  • Marketability: A wrestler’s marketability directly affects their earning potential through merchandise sales and high-profile matches.
  • Brand Endorsements: Popular wrestlers like McIntyre often receive lucrative brand endorsement deals, adding to their income.

Drew McIntyre: Looking to the Future

As Drew McIntyre continues to dominate in the ring, his financial prospects in WWE look promising. With potential for increased earnings through higher-profile matches and growing popularity, the future seems bright for this WWE superstar.


  • How much does Drew McIntyre earn per year in WWE?
    • Approximately $550,000, excluding bonuses and additional earnings.
  • What factors contribute to a WWE wrestler’s earnings?
    • Base salary, bonuses, pay-per-view appearances, merchandise sales, and brand endorsements.
  • Do WWE contracts include health insurance and travel expenses?
    • Yes, these are typically covered in WWE contracts.
  • Can a wrestler’s popularity affect their earnings?
    • Absolutely. Popularity can lead to increased merchandise sales and lucrative brand endorsements.
  • Is there potential for McIntyre’s earnings to increase in the future?
    • Yes, with continued success and popularity, his earnings could significantly increase.
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