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Former WWE Superstar says their run was “BULLS*IT” and “SUCKED HAIRY B*LLS”

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In a candid and unfiltered discussion, former WWE Superstar EC3 has expressed his unequivocal disappointment with his tenure in the WWE, describing it as “dogsh*t” and stating that it “sucked d*rty hairy b*lls.”

This blunt assessment came during an interview with Jeremy Konrad for Bleeding Cool, where EC3 opened up about his career trajectory and his current endeavours.

EC3’s WWE Journey: A Tale of Unfulfilled Potential

EC3, who rejoined WWE in 2018, had a stint in NXT before moving to the main roster. However, his main roster run was marked by a lack of success, leading to his release in April 2020 amidst a wave of cuts.

This period in his career, by his own admission, was far from satisfactory, with EC3 feeling that he never got the opportunity to fully showcase his abilities, especially his skills on the microphone.

From Disappointment to Motivation

Despite the setbacks, EC3 used his WWE experience as a catalyst for growth. He channelled his frustrations into creating NWA Exodus Pro, a passion project and one of the first territorial affiliates of the NWA in its new era.

EC3 envisioned Exodus Pro as a platform for talent to be discovered or reinvent themselves, a concept born from his desire to control his narrative and use his voice, something he felt was stifled in his former home.

EC3’s Creative Outlet and Exodus Pro

EC3’s time during the pandemic and post-WWE period became a form of therapy, leading to the birth of NWA Exodus Pro.

He aimed to produce creative promos that would surpass what fans were accustomed to seeing in the company, especially on the main roster.

EC3’s focus was not just on production value but on the context and creativity of the content, providing a space for wrestlers to tell their stories.

FAQs about EC3 in WWE

  • Who is EC3?
    • EC3 is a professional wrestler who has worked with WWE and is currently a prominent figure in the NWA.
  • What was EC3’s opinion on his WWE run?
    • EC3 described his WWE run as “dogshit” and said it “sucked dirty hairy balls,” indicating his extreme dissatisfaction with his time there.
  • What is NWA Exodus Pro?
    • NWA Exodus Pro is a wrestling platform and a territorial affiliate of the NWA, created by EC3 as a space for wrestlers to showcase their talents and tell their stories.
  • What did EC3 do after leaving WWE?
    • After his WWE stint, EC3 focused on creating NWA Exodus Pro and has become one of the top stars in the NWA, holding the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.
  • What is the significance of EC3’s comments?
    • EC3’s comments highlight the challenges and frustrations that some wrestlers face in large promotions like WWE and their efforts to find success and creative satisfaction in other wrestling platforms.
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