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Edge SPEAKS UP about rumoured retirement at SmackDown

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Edge has finally commented on rumours about his future.

Last week’s SmackDown featured a surprise appearance from The Rated R Superstar. He challenged Sheamus to a match on this Friday’s episode of the show from Toronto.

Things became interesting when it was revealed that this match was the last of Edge’s current contract with the company.

The former world champion has been talking about ending his career on his own terms in this second run. He also expressed the desire to have his last match in front of his hometown crowd. All things combined, this has gotten people wondering if Friday’s match will be his last outing in the ring.

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Edge is not sure

The wrestling veteran spoke up about the rumors during a recent interview with (H/t When asked the question everyone has in mind, Edge explained that he doesn’t know what the future holds:

“Here’s what I can honestly say, and this isn’t the answer everyone wants. I truly don’t know. With 100% truth, I can say I don’t know. That’s strange for me, but I don’t. I really don’t. I’ve put some thought into it, but not a lot. This is the last match on my current contract. So, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.

Edge claimed that he probably wouldn’t know about his decision until after the match is over. He mentioned his age and noted that continuing to wrestle is only getting harder for him with time:

“I probably won’t know until I get to the locker room that night and decompress, let all the anxiety and tension that I never used to have before I performed, I have now. That’s strange for me and makes it that much harder to do this. I’m going to be 50 in October. It’s not easy anymore. Before, what I used to take for granted to be able to do, now, there is a process and a fallout, and there’s a lot. It’s the dream gig, but it’s getting really hard.”

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