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Released WWE Superstar reveals new name IDENTICAL to UK star

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Released WWE Superstar ELIAS has confirmed that his new name is ELIJAH, which is a bit of an issue as one of the best UK talents going has the same name.

This news piece is going to be completely biased, as I’ve been a BIG fan of ELIJAH (Welsh lad) for some time, mainly from when I was still working at PROGRESS.

ELIJAH (the Welsh one), currently works for the likes of New Wave Pro Wrestling, MDRN NMD, PROGRESS and he recently debuted for Rev Pro.

It’s really unfortunate that this has happened, because although I don’t genuinely believe that ELIAS has just nicked the name from ELIJAH (again, Welsh lad), it’s not great when ELIJAH (WELSH) is trying to get bookings.

WWE Star ELIAS is now ELIJAH, but so is ELIJAH (from Wales)

If you want to check out ELIJAH in action, then I highly suggest that you check out some of his work with MDRN NMD, including the time he portrayed Kurt Angle.

You can also check out his work in PROGRESS on the demandPROGRESS subscription service (a bit of a teaser below for you).

The only way we can fix this is by having ELIJAH vs ELIJAH (welsh).

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