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WWE SmackDown Superstar has been RELEASED from their contract

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In a surprising turn of events, WWE released one of its SmackDown Superstars, Emma. The Australian talent, who has been a notable figure in the wrestling world, is now a free agent.

Emma’s departure from WWE comes as a shock to many, especially considering the recent announcement of WWE’s Elimination Chamber event set to take place in Australia.

The timing is indeed intriguing, as Emma’s release was made public just hours after this significant event’s announcement.

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Emma: Off the WWE SmackDown and Television Radar

It’s worth noting that Emma had been absent from television broadcasts for a considerable period.

Previously seen as a heel and paired with Riddick Moss, there was growing speculation about the direction WWE intended to take with the duo.

With her release, such speculations have come to an abrupt end.

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Emma’s Statement

Reacting to her release, Emma took to social media platform X, stating, “Oops nevermind. I just got released… I am no longer with WWE.”

This candid revelation underscores the suddenness of the decision and the impact it has had on the wrestler.

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A Trend of Releases?

Emma’s release might not be an isolated incident. Although earlier reports suggested no further releases after Mustafa Ali, Emma’s departure might indicate a potential trend.

It raises questions about the future of other Superstars and the direction WWE is heading in.

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