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CONTROVERSIAL former WWE Superstar claims he has NEVER had a bad match

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The wrestling world is no stranger to bold claims, but Real1’s recent statement has certainly turned heads. The former WWE Superstar, also known as Enzo Amore, confidently stated that he has never delivered a bad match in his entire career.

This audacious claim has sparked discussions among fans and critics alike.

Real1 is set to be a part of the NJPW’s 2023 All Star Junior Festival. In the lead-up to this event, he made an appearance on the Busted Open Radio podcast, where he discussed his upcoming appearance on August 19th and made the controversial claim about his in-ring prowess.

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WWE and The Art of Selling

Real1 attributes his success in the ring to his exceptional ability to “sell” during matches. He emphasized that selling is a crucial aspect of wrestling, and he has mastered it to such an extent that it has led to significant ticket sales and merchandise revenue.

He proudly mentioned that he became the top merchandise seller in all of pro wrestling during his rookie year. He further expressed his frustration over attempts to downplay or erase his achievements, drawing parallels to historical revisionism.

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Making Waves in NJPW

Discussing his debut at the All Star Junior Festival USA, Real1 showcased his characteristic confidence. He brushed off any criticisms and controversies surrounding his name, comparing himself to Eminem’s character in “8 Mile” and emphasizing his indifference to negative comments.

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A Mic Maestro in WWE and beyond

Real1’s confidence isn’t just limited to his in-ring abilities. He also believes he possesses unparalleled promo skills.

He claimed that he could outshine major talents when given a microphone, suggesting that he could boost ratings significantly with just one scathing promo.

He expressed a desire to showcase these skills in New Japan, hinting at taking the promotion to new heights.

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Aiming for the Tokyo Dome

Real1’s ambitions don’t stop at the All Star Junior Festival. He expressed gratitude towards wrestling personalities like Rocky Romero and Hiromu Takahashi and boldly claimed that he’s the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time.

He dreams of performing in the Tokyo Dome in front of a massive audience and believes he deserves that spotlight.

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