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Eric Bischoff on the most SIGNIFICANT hire in WWE history

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In a recent discussion on Strictly Business, former WCW executive Eric Bischoff lauded Nick Khan as the most significant hire in the history of wrestling.

This comes in the wake of the groundbreaking announcement that “WWE Raw” will transition to Netflix in January 2025. Khan, who joined WWE in 2020 and now serves as President, has been instrumental in this major shift.

WWE News: The Visionary Behind WWE’s Growth

Khan’s journey with WWE began as its CEO, and since then, he has been pivotal in steering the company towards unprecedented growth.

His tenure has seen WWE shatter numerous company records. Bischoff highlighted Khan’s unique blend of vision, experience, and industry relationships as key factors in his success.

Khan’s approach is not just about having great ideas; it’s about having the right connections to bring those ideas to fruition.

WWE News: Strategic Moves and Expansion

One of Khan’s most notable achievements is the recent deal with Netflix, valued at up to $5 billion over 10 years. This partnership is expected to significantly expand WWE’s already vast audience.

Khan’s strategic moves in media rights negotiations have been a cornerstone of his tenure, reflecting his deep understanding of the entertainment industry and its dynamics.

The Future of WWE with Nick Khan

Looking ahead, Khan’s influence seems poised to usher in a new era for WWE. His focus on synergy, licensing, merchandising, and international growth, coupled with the Netflix deal, points to a future rich with possibilities.

Bischoff’s excitement about the current atmosphere in WWE’s halls is palpable, indicating a sense of optimism and anticipation for what’s to come under Khan’s leadership.


  • Who is Nick Khan?
    Nick Khan is the President of WWE and a member of the board of directors at TKO Group Holdings.
  • What significant deal did Nick Khan negotiate for WWE?
    Khan negotiated a deal with Netflix, worth up to $5 billion over 10 years, for “WWE Raw”.
  • What did Eric Bischoff say about Nick Khan?
    Eric Bischoff praised Khan for his vision, experience, and industry relationships, calling him the most significant hire in wrestling history.
  • When did Nick Khan join WWE?
    Nick Khan joined WWE in 2020, initially as its CEO.
  • What impact has Nick Khan had on WWE?
    Since joining, Khan has been instrumental in WWE’s significant growth, breaking company records and expanding its audience.
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