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Eric Bischoff MASSIVELY slates Vince McMahon over recent allegations

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In a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff expressed his profound disapproval and concern over the allegations against Vince McMahon, following a civil lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant.

The lawsuit accuses McMahon of sex trafficking, a revelation that has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community and led to McMahon’s resignation from WWE and TKO Group Holdings.

WWE News: The Core of the Allegations

Bischoff described the allegations as fundamentally “evil,” stating that the term itself falls short of capturing the gravity of the situation.

He emphasised his empathy for Grant, advocating for her to receive the necessary spiritual and mental health guidance.

Bischoff’s reaction underscores the deep impact of the allegations, not just on the individuals directly involved but on the broader WWE community.

WWE News: Impact on the Wrestling Community

The lawsuit has cast a “dark cloud” over WWE, according to Bischoff, who believes that the wrestling giant will eventually overcome this challenge, albeit not without difficulty.

He acknowledged that wrestling fans might find themselves questioning their loyalty to the brand, as the lawsuit could potentially be just the beginning of more allegations to surface.

WWE News: The Ripple Effect

Bischoff highlighted the widespread impact of the lawsuit, affecting not only McMahon’s family, including his son Shane, daughter Stephanie, and wife Linda, but also countless innocent individuals within the WWE organisation.

He shared his personal turmoil over the situation, contemplating his own future in the wrestling industry amidst the unfolding scandal.

The McMahon Legacy

The discussion also touched on the potential erasure of the McMahon name from WWE history, drawing parallels to other controversial figures in wrestling.

The stigma attached to the McMahon name could have lasting effects on the family, especially for McMahon’s grandchildren, who must navigate the social repercussions of the allegations.


  • What are the allegations against Vince McMahon?
    • Vince McMahon is accused of sex trafficking in a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant.
  • How has Eric Bischoff reacted to the allegations?
    • Eric Bischoff has strongly condemned the allegations, describing them as “evil” and expressing concern for all affected, especially Janel Grant.
  • What impact do the allegations have on WWE?
    • The allegations have cast a significant shadow over WWE, with potential long-term effects on the brand’s reputation and fan loyalty.
  • Who else is affected by the lawsuit?
    • The lawsuit impacts many innocent individuals within WWE, including McMahon’s family and numerous employees who are unrelated to the allegations.
  • Could the McMahon name be erased from WWE history?
    • Bischoff discussed the possibility of the McMahon name being tarnished to the extent that it might be excluded from WWE history, similar to other controversial figures in wrestling.
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