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Eric Bischoff makes big claim about WWE and AEW

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Eric Bischoff, once a prominent figure in the wrestling world, recently announced he would not return to WWE or AEW, even if an offer came his way’‹.

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Bischoff’s Legacy in the Wrestling World

Bischoff earned his fame as WCW President in the 1990s and later served as the Executive Director of the WWE SmackDown brand until 2019.

However, his involvement with the wrestling giants has been limited to cameos since his departure, with no tangible contributions from a creative standpoint’‹.

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His Reasoning: Age and Location

In a recent conversation with The Ariel Helwani Show, Bischoff outlined his reasons for not wanting to get back into the wrestling world.

Citing his age (68 years old) and location (a beautiful part of Wyoming, right outside Yellowstone National Park), Bischoff expressed that he is not willing to be away for extended periods’‹.

“If I was 20 years younger, I’d [go back] in a heartbeat,” Bischoff confessed. He shared a fondness for his time in the industry and the people he worked with but acknowledged the life he has built and the contentment he finds in his current situation’‹.’‹

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Remote Consulting: A Possibility, But Not for AEW

While distancing himself from day-to-day involvement, Bischoff showed openness to the idea of consulting remotely. However, he quickly ruled out a possible job with AEW, stating that he’s “not interested in working with Tony [Khan].”’‹

Eric Bischoff: Relationship with Tony Khan

Bischoff’s issues with Khan, the AEW boss, have been well-documented, but the WWE Hall of Famer also clarified that he holds no ill will towards Khan. In fact, he wishes for Khan’s success.

“Tony has a very, very generous heart,” Bischoff commented. “He’s a good human being.” Despite his positive feelings towards Khan, Bischoff stated that his participation would have to be more hands-on to have a positive impact.

“You can’t do it remotely,” he asserted, even suggesting that he wouldn’t accept a hypothetical million-dollar offer to work via Zoom, as he believes it wouldn’t be successful or fair’‹.

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