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TOP WWE Superstar was “hesitant” to join the Judgment Day stable

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Finn Balor, a top WWE superstar, has recently shared his initial hesitation about joining the Judgment Day stable.

His reluctance stemmed from his past association with the Bullet Club, a group he co-founded and which has since become a dominant stable in the wrestling world.

Balor’s association with the Bullet Club continued even after he signed with WWE in 2014. When the opportunity to join another stable, The Judgment Day, presented itself in June 2022, Balor found himself wrestling with the decision.

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Finn Balor on WWE group’s Comparisons with Bullet Club

Balor was aware that joining another group would inevitably lead to comparisons with the Bullet Club. “Having had success with Bullet Club, I knew there was going to be comparisons made had I been involved in another group, so I was always reluctant to go that direction,” Balor said in a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated.

However, the chance to work with Damian, another member of The Judgment Day, swayed his decision.

Balor and Damian had developed a strong relationship since their time at NXT, and Balor believed that this new group could offer something different.

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A Turning Point in Balor’s Career

At the time, Balor was at a crossroads in his career and knew that a change was necessary.

The timing of the invitation to join The Judgment Day was perfect, and Balor saw it as an opportunity to channel his real frustrations into his character. He had no doubt that joining Judgment Day was the right move.

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The Success of The Judgment Day

In an interview, Balor highlighted the success of Judgment Day. He noted that the members of the group are all unique individuals with different strengths, weaknesses, ideas, styles, and opinions. This diversity has led to a creative think tank environment where they can brainstorm ideas for the group.

Balor also emphasised the trust within the group, which allows each member to do what they believe is best for the collective. This level of trust is rare and has contributed significantly to the group’s success.

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Balor’s Evolution in the Ring

Balor’s wrestling style has always adapted to suit his environment, whether it was Europe, Japan, Mexico, or WWE. However, this version of Finn Balor in The Judgment Day is truly him, allowing him to be 100 per cent comfortable in the ring.

Balor is set to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE SummerSlam. Regardless of the outcome, Balor’s journey from the Bullet Club to Judgment Day has marked a significant evolution in his wrestling career.

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