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Finn Balor reveals major negative from previous WWE gimmick

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Wrestling superstar Finn Balor recently made a striking confession during his appearance on the After The Bell podcast.

The former Universal Champion, known for his iconic Demon gimmick, admitted to having relied excessively on this alter ego during his WWE career’‹.

Balor candidly shared, “It became a crutch. I’ll hold my hand up and say I’m guilty of trying to please too many people and not please myself.”

This statement underscores the pressure and expectations that come with maintaining a high-profile persona in the wrestling world’‹.

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The Birth of The Demon in Japan

The Demon character was born during Balor’s wrestling stint in Japan, where it initially did not have a specific reason or storyline.

It was simply a medium for Balor to express himself and shape his persona as per the moment’s demand. The unbounded character gave Balor the freedom to channel a more dynamic and intense energy whenever he stepped into the ring’‹.

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Finn Balor: The Demon Gimmick’s Transition into WWE Universe

The Demon character’s integration into the WWE Universe, however, necessitated a more structured narrative.

According to Balor, the transformation from Finn Balor to The Demon needed to have a reason and this gave rise to complications.

The more he tried to explain the character’s existence, the less sense it seemed to make, leading it to appear more absurd over time’‹.

Balor confided, “For me, that was the crutch that I felt. It wasn’t necessarily the process of the paint, or the creative part of trying to execute a different unique design every time, it was to try to keep so many people happy and not really staying true to myself and why I was doing it in the first place.”’‹

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The Struggle to Balance Personal Desires and Professional Expectations

In his quest to satisfy various stakeholders, including the creative team, writing team, merchandise team, promotions team, and tickets team, Balor realized he had been neglecting his own desires.

This revelation underlines the struggle many wrestlers face in their pursuit of balancing personal satisfaction with professional expectations’‹’‹.

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