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Former WWE name confirms he will NEVER return

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where comebacks are as common as headlocks, one former WWE star has made a definitive decision to never return to the squared circle.

Jonathan Coachman, a versatile figure known for his roles as a commentator, interviewer, and occasional wrestler, has closed the door on his wrestling career and any potential return to WWE.

Coachman’s journey with WWE began in 1999, when he quickly became a familiar face, engaging audiences with his charisma and versatility. Over the years, he took on various roles, from a backstage interviewer to a commentator and even stepped into the ring when the storyline demanded. His initial tenure with WWE concluded in 2008 when he chose not to renew his contract.

However, the world of wrestling saw Coachman make a return in 2016 and once again in January 2018, when he joined the Raw commentary team. Despite this rekindling, his second stint was short-lived, and by September 2018, he transitioned to a pre-show host for WWE’s Pay-Per-View events before eventually parting ways with the company.

Reflections on a Career and the Decision to Step Away From WWE

In a candid interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Coachman reflected on his time in the wrestling industry. He expressed a sense of finality regarding his in-ring career, emphasizing that nothing could entice him back into the wrestling fold.

This sentiment is not born out of a lack of love for the sport but rather a desire to be true to his aspirations and the treatment he received in recent years.

Coachman’s decision to step away is rooted in a principle that resonates with many professionals: the desire for respect and proper treatment.

Despite his loyalty to WWE and its head, Vince McMahon, Coachman highlighted the importance of mutual respect and the need to draw a line when that respect is compromised: “I was 100% loyal to that company and to Vince so when things happen, sometimes you’ve got to draw the line in the sand and say ‘I can’t be treated that way and still go back and be loyal to the company.'”

The Legacy and Impact of Jonathan Coachman

While Coachman acknowledges that WWE does not lack talent and that his absence is not a setback for the company, he takes pride in the relationships he built and the treatment he received from fans and fellow wrestlers.

His decision to never return is not a reflection of bitterness but a personal choice to maintain his dignity and self-respect.

Coachman’s Post-WWE Endeavours

Post-WWE, Coachman has not been idle. He was signed to WES as part of the commentary team alongside Matthew Rehwoldt, although the promotion has yet to run a show.

His career outside the ring continues to flourish, showcasing the multifaceted talent that made him a memorable figure in WWE.


  • Who is Jonathan Coachman? Jonathan Coachman is a former WWE commentator, interviewer, and occasional wrestler.
  • When did Jonathan Coachman join WWE? He joined WWE in 1999 and had various roles until he left in 2008. He returned briefly in 2016 and 2018.
  • Why won’t Jonathan Coachman return to WWE? Coachman has stated that his decision is based on the treatment he received and his desire to be respected and treated properly.
  • What is Jonathan Coachman doing now? He was signed to WES as a commentator and continues to pursue opportunities outside of wrestling.
  • Did Jonathan Coachman wrestle? Yes, he occasionally wrestled when the storyline required it.
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