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Former WWE Superstars reveal WHY they left the company

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In a recent candid discussion, former WWE NXT UK tag team, the Grizzled Young Veterans, opened up about their decision to leave World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Zack Gibson and James Drake, once celebrated figures in the NXT UK scene, expressed their dissatisfaction with the direction of their careers within WWE, leading to their eventual departure.

The Dyad WWE: A Clash of Career Aspirations and Company Direction

Gibson initiated the conversation with Metro by highlighting a fundamental unhappiness with the trajectory of their careers in WWE.

Without delving into specifics, he conveyed a sense of boredom and frustration, emphasising that their profession, which doubles as their passion, was no longer fulfilling within the WWE framework. This sentiment was echoed by Drake, who stressed the importance of enjoying their work, which they felt was no longer possible in their then-current roles.

The duo also touched upon the shifting objectives within WWE, which increasingly diverged from their personal career goals: “In a nutshell, this is one of the big driving forces as to why we wanted to leave and get out because without going into too much, we just weren’t particularly happy with how things were going. It all felt a bit boring. Ultimately, you know, this is our job, but it’s also it’s our hobby, and it’s our life. So we want to be enjoying what we’re doing. ‘Now we’re back out in the wild west. It all feels exciting and fresh again, it feels a little bit like starting over, like you’ve got a new lease on life.”

This misalignment prompted them to take a leap of faith and bet on themselves by leaving the company. They wanted to ensure that their professional journey was in line with their aspirations, something they felt was no longer achievable within the confines of WWE.

Staying True to Their Professional Image

Drake further elaborated on their decision to see out their contracts rather than opting for an early exit. They were conscious of their professional image and the potential negative perception that could arise from leaving prematurely.

This decision to stay until the end of their contracts was also out of respect for the company and their commitment to maintaining a professional demeanour.

The Aftermath of Leaving WWE and Future Endeavours

Following their request for release, there was speculation about the status of the Grizzled Young Veterans. Initial reports suggested their release requests were rejected, but eventually, they were freed from their NXT contracts.

Since their departure, Gibson and Drake have returned to the independent wrestling circuit, where they continue to pursue their passion for wrestling in a fresh and invigorating environment.


  • Why did the Grizzled Young Veterans leave WWE?
    • Zack Gibson and James Drake left due to dissatisfaction with the direction of their careers and a misalignment with WWE’s shifting objectives.
  • Did they leave WWE on bad terms?
    • Their departure was not out of disdain for WWE but rather a decision to pursue career paths more aligned with their personal aspirations.
  • What are the Grizzled Young Veterans doing now?
    • They have returned to the independent wrestling scene, seeking new challenges and opportunities.
  • Did they complete their contracts with WWE?
    • Yes, they chose to see out their contracts to maintain a professional image and out of respect for the company.
  • What was the main reason for their unhappiness in WWE?
    • A sense of boredom and frustration with how their careers were progressing, feeling that their roles no longer matched their passion for wrestling.
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