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Former WWE Superstars make SHOCK indie appearance

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In a stunning turn of events, former WWE stars Mace and Mansoor, previously part of the Maximum Male Models stable, have made a surprise debut in the independent wrestling circuit.

This unexpected move comes after their release from WWE earlier this year, leaving fans both shocked and excited.

The Unexpected Debut of Mace and Mansoor

On December 10th, the wrestling world witnessed a remarkable moment at the DPW 2nd Anniversary show. Mace and Mansoor, who were released from WWE in September, appeared unannounced, marking their first foray into indie wrestling.

This appearance was particularly surprising as they are still under their 90-day non-compete clause with WWE.

WWE Fan Reactions and Future Prospects

The reaction to Mace and Mansoor’s indie debut has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans who felt the duo was underutilised in WWE are now hopeful that they will find greater success and creative freedom in the indie scene.

There is also speculation about their future, with many wondering if this is a stepping stone to joining another major wrestling promotion.

The Journey of Mace and Mansoor in WWE

Mace and Mansoor’s journey in WWE was a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Despite showing potential and having a dedicated fan base, they often found themselves on the periphery of major storylines.

Their release came as a shock to many, but it has opened new doors for them in the world of wrestling.

The Impact on Indie Wrestling

Their arrival in the indie scene is significant. It not only boosts the profile of the DPW but also adds a fresh dynamic to the indie wrestling landscape.

Their presence is a testament to the growing appeal and quality of indie wrestling, attracting talent from major promotions like WWE.


  • Who are Mace and Mansoor? Mace and Mansoor were part of the Maximum Male Models stable in WWE before their release.
  • When did Mace and Mansoor make their indie debut? They made their surprise indie debut on December 10 at the DPW 2nd Anniversary show.
  • Why was their indie debut surprising? Their appearance was unexpected, especially since they are still under a 90-day non-compete clause with WWE.
  • What has been the reaction to their indie debut? The reaction has been largely positive, with fans excited to see them explore new opportunities.
  • What does this mean for their wrestling careers? This move could mark the beginning of a successful journey in indie wrestling, potentially leading to opportunities in other major wrestling promotions.
  • Are there any more appearances planned? Yes, there is talk of another indie appearance later this month, indicating an active schedule for them in the indie wrestling scene.
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