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Transgender former WWE Superstar talks potential return to the ring

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In a recent podcast with WrestlingNewsCo, former WWE Superstar Gabbi Tuft opened up about the tantalizing prospect of her return to professional wrestling.

Tuft, who signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2008 and debuted on WWE’s ECW brand as Tyler Reks in 2009, has been away from the ring for some time but now hints at a potential comeback.

WWE News: Rediscovering the Ring

Tuft’s journey back to wrestling began with a casual visit to AEW star Dustin Rhodes’ training facility, Rhodes Wrestling Academy.

She described stepping into the ring as a heartwarming experience filled with nostalgia. “The second I stepped in that ring, my heart centre just opened, and I felt all this nostalgia come back,” Tuft recalled.

This moment was pivotal in reigniting her passion for wrestling and considering a return to the sport.

WWE News: Overcoming Health Challenges

A significant factor in Tuft’s decision is her health. She underwent heart surgery in 2019 due to an aortic aneurysm, a condition she shares genetically with her mother.

Tuft is awaiting a medical review from Stanford later this month, which will determine her physical limitations and capabilities in the ring.

This medical clearance is crucial for her to understand what she can safely do if she decides to return to wrestling.

WWE News: The Dream of the Royal Rumble

One of Tuft’s aspirations is to participate in the Royal Rumble, a WWE event known for its surprise entries and dramatic returns.

“Wouldn’t that be an amazing spot?” Tuft mused, expressing her excitement at the possibility of being part of such a significant event.

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  • Who is Gabbi Tuft?
    • Gabbi Tuft is a former WWE Superstar, previously known as Tyler Reks, who is considering a return to professional wrestling.
  • What challenges does Tuft face in returning to wrestling?
    • Tuft underwent heart surgery in 2019 and is awaiting medical clearance to understand her physical limitations in the ring.
  • What sparked Tuft’s interest in returning to the ring?
    • A visit to Dustin Rhodes’ training facility, where stepping back into the ring brought back a wave of nostalgia and passion for wrestling.
  • Is Tuft planning to participate in the Royal Rumble?
    • While she expressed interest in participating in the Royal Rumble, it depends on her medical clearance and the opportunities that arise.
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