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Goldberg’s massive payday for Saudi Arabia appearances revealed

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Goldberg made a fortune from his WWE matches in Saudi Arabia.

The former Universal Champion recently revealed plans for his retirement match. The Heavyweight star was originally counting on getting a send-off in WWE and he even had a handshake deal with Vince McMahon for it.

McMahon however has been occupied with one thing or another in the last year or so and the deal between the two parties seems to have fallen apart. Goldberg has since confirmed that he is planning a four-city retirement tour by himself.

Goldberg in Saudi Arabia

Dave Meltzer discussed the plans of the former WCW star in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He noted how a self-done tour will struggle to get the same visibility as WWE or AEW:

“A self-done tour sounds great but between the costs of doing it right and the lack of visibility if it’s not in WWE or AEW, it would end up being a disappointment. My gut is that Tony Khan would love to do it, although the Sting retirement has to be his priority for this year.”

Meltzer then revealed the massive payday of Goldberg from the Saudi Arabian shows. He mentioned how it’ll be hard to match for Tony Khan even if he wants to feature the wrestling veteran:

“I’d think Khan would love to feature Goldberg in some fashion anyway, but Goldberg made so much money for so few matches in his WWE deal, reportedly $2 million for each of his Saudi Arabia matches, and for AEW, that kind of money per match simply isn’t cost-effective.”

Goldberg wrestled a total of 4 matches for WWE on Saudi Arabian soil. This means he made $8 Million just from those, in addition to his pay for other WWE appearances.

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