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Grayson Waller breaks silence following SHOCKING Australian TV appearance

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In a recent turn of events, Grayson Waller, a prominent figure in the professional wrestling world, has made headlines following his appearance on the Australian morning talk show, Sunrise.

The incident, which quickly went viral, saw Waller and fellow wrestler LA Knight respond to an unusual request from the show’s host.

WWE News: The Controversial Incident

During the show, the host asked Knight if he could demonstrate one of his signature wrestling moves on someone in the studio.

Knight declined, passing the situation to Waller. The hosts then suggested performing a WWE move on their floor manager, who appeared ready to engage with Waller jokingly.

However, Waller’s reaction was not what anyone expected. He became visibly irritated and threatened to punch the floor manager, expressing his displeasure at what he perceived as a disrespect to the professional wrestling industry.

WWE News: Waller’s Response to the Outrage

Following the incident, Waller remained silent until he tweeted a photo of former WWE Superstar David Schultz, known for his physical altercation with journalist John Stossel in the 1980s.

Stossel had claimed that professional wrestling was fake, leading to Schultz slapping him, an action that resulted in a lawsuit against WWE and Schultz.

Waller’s tweet, without any accompanying text, seemed to align his stance with Schultz’s historical defence of the wrestling profession.


  • What happened with Grayson Waller on the Australian talk show?
    • Waller became irritated when asked to perform a wrestling move on a show staff member, leading to a tense moment.
  • Did Grayson Waller physically assault anyone during the incident?
    • No, Waller did not get physical but expressed his anger verbally.
  • What was the reaction of the wrestling community to this incident?
    • The community’s reaction was mixed, with some enjoying the incident as a spectacle, while others debated its appropriateness.
  • Has Waller commented directly on the incident?
    • Waller has not spoken directly about it, but his tweet referencing David Schultz suggests his stance on defending the wrestling industry.
  • Was anyone harmed during the incident?
    • No physical harm occurred during the incident.
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