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WWE Superstar wants STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN for MAJOR segment

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to surprises, and the latest buzz in the WWE universe is no exception.

Grayson Waller, a rising WWE star, has expressed his desire to share the ring with none other than the legendary ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in a major segment.

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Grayson Waller’s Rapid Ascent

Grayson Waller’s journey in WWE has been nothing short of meteoric. Since his introduction to the main roster in the 2023 WWE Draft, Waller has made waves by interacting with some of the biggest names in the industry.

From sharing segments with icons like John Cena, Logan Paul, Roman Reigns, and Edge, Waller has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Moreover, he has hinted at potential future interactions with The Rock, further showcasing his ambition.

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A Unique WWE Pitch for ‘Stone Cold’

Waller’s recent comments reveal his eagerness to bring something fresh to the WWE audience. He mentioned his attempts to get fellow superstars to participate in “shoe-ies” with him, a cultural act of drinking from a shoe, during a recent interview with WWE Die Woche.

His ultimate wish? To see ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin swap his iconic beer cans for a “Steve-Weiser” shoe-ie. Waller

quipped, “It’s not 1999, we don’t drink beers out of cans. There are so many better options [than beer]. But I think Steve Austin doing Steve-Weiser out of a shoe-ie, that’s something that I need to tick off the bucket list.”

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Steve Austin’s Legendary Status

For those somehow unfamiliar, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is one of the most celebrated wrestlers in WWE history.

His last appearance was at WrestleMania 38, marking his first match in over two decades. Not only did he face Kevin Owens in the main event of night one, but he also delivered his signature move, the Stunner, to Vince McMahon on the second night.

The mere idea of Austin returning to the ring, especially for a segment with an up-and-comer like Waller, is sure to excite fans worldwide.

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