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WWE Superstar claims all women in Scotland look like Shrek

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In a recent and rather controversial move, WWE Superstar Grayson Waller has stirred the pot with his remarks about Scottish women.

The Australian wrestler, known for his candid and often polarising opinions, has made a statement that has left many fans and critics alike in a state of disbelief.

Grayson Waller has been making waves in the WWE universe. From his time in NXT, he has consistently worked hard to establish himself as a must-see star.

His dedication and talent have not gone unnoticed, as he has been involved in significant segments, including one with the legendary John Cena. Waller’s recent involvement in the Money In The Bank event further solidified his position in the company.

Grayson Waller WWE: The Controversial Tweet

While WWE was touring the UK as part of their European tour, Waller took to Twitter to share his thoughts on his visit to Scotland.

In a tweet that has since garnered significant attention, he stated that all women in Scotland “look and talk like Shrek.”

Such a remark, especially from a figure with Waller’s growing influence, has unsurprisingly sparked a flurry of reactions from fans, fellow wrestlers, and the general public.

Not His First Rodeo

This isn’t the first time Waller has been in the headlines for his outspoken nature. He has previously taken shots at pop sensation Taylor Swift and her fanbase.

While some argue that these remarks are all part of his heel persona, others believe that there’s a fine line between playing a character and being outright disrespectful.

The Fans Weigh In

The wrestling community is divided on Waller’s recent remarks. While some see it as a mere extension of his heel character, others believe that such comments are unnecessary and can tarnish the image of the sport.

The debate rages on about whether Waller is currently one of WWE’s best heels or if he’s crossing boundaries that shouldn’t be touched.


  • Who is Grayson Waller?
    • Grayson Waller is an Australian WWE Superstar who has gained prominence in recent years, especially during his time in NXT.
  • What did Grayson Waller say about Scottish women?
    • Waller made a controversial statement on Twitter, claiming that all women in Scotland “look and talk like Shrek.”
  • Has Waller made controversial statements before?
    • Yes, Waller has previously taken shots at pop star Taylor Swift and her fans.
  • How has WWE reacted to Waller’s comments?
    • While WWE hasn’t made an official statement regarding the tweet, they reportedly view Waller as a significant future talent.
  • What do fans think about Waller’s remarks?
    • The wrestling community is divided, with some seeing it as part of his character, while others believe it’s in poor taste.
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