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WWE SmackDown star has ‘moved on’ from feud with The Rock

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Greyson Waller says that he is over The Rock.

The SmackDown star has been involved in a social media feud with The Hollywood Star recently. It started when Waller mocked The People’s Champion for his attire at Survivor Series 1996 from Madison Square Garden, claiming that his MSG debut was better.

The former WWE star responded to this promo from Greyson Waller with a tweet. The Rock mocked Waller’s look in return and joked that his Survivor Series attire was Triple H’s idea.

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Greyson Waller was trying to help The Rock

The former NXT star has since continued this feud with The Great One, even inviting him to The Grayson Waller Effect at SummerSlam. Waller talked about him again during an appearance on the Babyfaces podcast, claiming that he is over the former champion:

“I was over The Rock three seconds after he tweeted me with some mediocre response. So I was trying to help him out. I went out of my way to go there to make him relevant in WWE again. Obviously, he’s a huge global superstar, everyone knows The Rock, and he’s probably the most well-known professional wrestler of all time, but when it comes to WWE, it’s all about what have you done for me lately? He hasn’t done nothing for anyone lately,”

Greyson Waller claimed that he was trying to give The Rock a path to come back to wrestling with his invitation. According to him, he’s moved on from the issue now:

“The Rock is at a stage in his life where he knows if he gets back in the ring, all these young, hungry guys, we’re not going to sit down and show him the respect. We want to fight. I don’t think The Rock wanted to fight me. I’ve moved on. I gave him his opportunity. He had the chance for the Grayson Waller rub, he didn’t take it, so I’m going to give that opportunity to someone else.”

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