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Former WWE Superstars THROW SHADE at the company

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Wrestling is a world of drama, both inside and outside the ring. Recently, two former WWE superstars, James Drake and Zack Gibson, have made headlines by openly criticising their time with the company.

Their candid remarks have sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community, shedding light on the challenges faced by many in the industry.

James Drake and Zack Gibson, previously known as Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler during their WWE tenure, have officially parted ways with the company.

Their contracts with WWE came to an end on October 14th. Instead of fading into the background, the duo took this opportunity to reintroduce themselves to the world as the Grizzled Young Veterans.

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Throwing Shade at WWE

In a raw, unfiltered video promo, the Grizzled Young Veterans didn’t hold back. They emphasised that they didn’t require a fancy production crew, eerie lighting, or special effects to make an impact.

Drake specifically took aim at what he described as “soulless wrestlers with heartless gimmicks”, lamenting the decline of creativity in the industry. He expressed their collective frustration with always choosing the “safe option”.

Gibson recounted advice he received from a renowned British wrestler when he first joined WWE in the US. He was told to keep his head down and follow orders.

Reflecting on this, Gibson apologised for not playing the role of ‘politician’ and proudly reintroduced himself as “Liverpool’s number one”.

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The Next Chapter: A Global Takeover

The Grizzled Young Veterans aren’t just stopping at vocal criticisms. They’ve announced a ‘global takeover’, signalling their intent to make waves in the wrestling world.

While they plan to base their operations in the US, it’s clear that their ambitions are global. This move comes after WWE had previously denied their requests for release earlier in the year.

It’s worth noting that both Drake and Gibson made their initial WWE debuts as part of the NXT UK brand. Drake had even participated in the inaugural UK Championship Tournament in 2017, while Gibson clinched victory in the 2018 edition of the same tournament.

However, their journey in WWE saw them rebranded as The Dyad in 2022, aligning with Joe Gacy’s Schism faction.

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  • Who are the Grizzled Young Veterans?
    • James Drake and Zack Gibson, formerly known as Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler in WWE.
  • What did the Grizzled Young Veterans say about the company?
    • They criticised their time in WWE, highlighting the lack of creativity and the pressure to conform.
  • What are their plans post-WWE?
    • They’ve announced a ‘global takeover’, indicating a desire to make a significant impact in the wrestling industry worldwide.
  • Did WWE deny their release requests?
    • Yes, earlier in the year, WWE had denied their requests to be released from their contracts.

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