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Gunther reveals if there will be more IMPERIUM members

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is the firm belief held by Gunther, WWE Intercontinental Champion, in regards to his faction, Imperium’‹.

Since joining forces in mid-2019, the trio – Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci – have made a significant impact in the WWE.

From holding titles in NXT and NXT UK to now reigning on WWE’s main roster, their dominance is undoubted and widely recognized’‹.

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Gunther’s Stance on Expansion

Recently, during a conversation with Steve Fall on Ten Count (via Fightful), Gunther addressed the speculation about the possibility of Imperium adding another member.

His response was clear and resolute, “No, I think it’s perfect how it is,” he said, emphasizing his firm belief in the stability and unity of the current configuration’‹.

He believes that the strength of the group lies in its consistency and close-knit relationships. Gunther argued, “I’m a big believer in ‘never change a running system.’ I think too much in and out can water a group down a little bit.”

He further added that their strong bond extends beyond the professional sphere into their private lives, particularly with Kaiser’‹. This sentiment resonates with many who understand that the secret to a successful team often lies in its camaraderie and mutual respect, both of which are evidently present in the Imperium faction.

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Gunther and The History of Imperium

The bond shared by Gunther and Kaiser has a deep-rooted history, even before their WWE days. The duo previously teamed together as part of a stable called Ringkampf, working for various promotions across Europe.

However, the group’s original configuration has seen changes. Alexander Wolfe, an initial member of Imperium, departed from WWE in May 2021’‹.

Gunther: Personal Achievements

While discussing the state of the Imperium, it’s hard to ignore Gunther’s personal achievements. On June 10, he marked a significant milestone as the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

If he can hold the title until September 8, 2023, he will officially surpass The Honky Tonk Man’s longest-reigning Intercontinental Championship run from 1987-1988’‹.

Imperium’s Current Endeavors

Currently, Imperium is a prominent part of the Raw brand and has been locked in feuds with notable names like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Matt Riddle.


In conclusion, Gunther’s perspective on Imperium’s future is clear: the trio has a strong bond, a storied history, and a current dominance that they plan to maintain.

With no immediate plans for expansion, fans can expect the faction to continue its reign in the WWE, delivering high-octane performances and further solidifying its legacy in the wrestling world.

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