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WWE veteran explains DOUBTS they had about GUNTHER initially

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In a candid revelation, Shelton Benjamin, the esteemed WWE veteran, recently expressed his initial scepticism about WWE star Gunther.

Despite Gunther’s impressive track record, including the longest Intercontinental Championship reign in history, Benjamin admitted to having doubts about Gunther’s potential during his early days in the wrestling arena.

WWE News: Initial Impressions and Doubts

Benjamin, known for his critical eye and experience in the industry, shared his thoughts during an appearance on The Kurt Angle Show.

He confessed, “I haven’t seen the appeal of a lot of people who turned out to be phenomenal.” This statement encapsulates his initial perception of Gunther, especially during a time when Gunther was physically heavier.

Benjamin’s scepticism stemmed from his inability to see the future star quality in Gunther initially.

WWE News: Transformation and Recognition

However, as Gunther progressed to the WWE stage and began to trim down, Benjamin noticed a significant change.

He observed Gunther’s evolution, remarking on his transformation and how it aligned with the demands of the WWE environment.

Benjamin praised Gunther’s new look, likening it to a character straight out of a comic book and aptly fitting his moniker, “The General.”

Gunther’s Rise to Fame

Despite the initial doubts, Gunther’s journey in WWE has been nothing short of remarkable. He emerged as a top star during his time in WWE NXT UK and, as the leader of Imperium, became a prominent heel on WWE Raw.

Benjamin highlighted Gunther’s success, acknowledging his standout performance and impact on the promotion.

Gunther’s story is a testament to the unpredictable nature of talent recognition in professional wrestling. Even seasoned veterans like Shelton Benjamin can find themselves surprised by the trajectories of emerging stars.


  • Who is Shelton Benjamin?
    • Shelton Benjamin is a decorated former U.S. Intercontinental, Tag Team, and 24/7 Champion in WWE.
  • What were Benjamin’s initial thoughts about Gunther?
    • Benjamin initially doubted Gunther’s appeal and potential in WWE, particularly during a period when Gunther was heavier.
  • How did Gunther prove Benjamin wrong?
    • Gunther transformed himself, both physically and in terms of performance, becoming a top star in WWE NXT UK and a leading heel on WWE Raw.
  • What is Gunther known for in WWE?
    • Gunther is known for his longest Intercontinental Championship reign and his role as the leader of Imperium.
  • What did Benjamin say about Gunther’s transformation?
    • Benjamin commended Gunther’s transformation, noting that he started to fit into WWE better and likened his look to a comic book character.
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