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WWE Superstar reveals HUGE names he would add to faction

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Imperium, one of WWE’s top factions, has been making waves in the wrestling world, especially since Giovanni Vinci joined forces with Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser at the Clash at the Castle event last September.

Despite recent setbacks, such as a loss to Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle, the group’s potential for growth remains a hot topic.

Gunther, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, recently shed light on this subject, revealing the big names he would consider adding to the faction.

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Gunther’s Vision for the WWE Faction

In a recent interaction with Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge, Gunther was asked about the possibility of adding a female member to the group.

This question was posed in the context of the group’s potential rivalry with Judgment Day and Rhea Ripley. Gunther’s response was intriguing, as he named Charlotte Flair and IYO SKY as potential female additions to Imperium.

“We get asked often if we want additional members or something. I think no, we’re good how we are. But I think if we have to choose someone, I think it would either be IYO or Charlotte, I would think,” Gunther stated.

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The Impact of New Members

The addition of either Charlotte Flair or IYO SKY could significantly alter the dynamics of Imperium. Both women are formidable competitors with impressive track records.

Their inclusion would not only bolster the group’s strength but also add a new dimension to its composition, potentially making it a more formidable force in the WWE.

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