Happy Corbin says WrestleMania 38 moment ‘wasn’t his idea’

Happy Corbin WrestleMania WWE

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WWE Superstar Happy Corbin recently revealed that a WrestleMania moment between him and Drew McIntyre “wasn’t his idea.”

Speaking to Ryan Smith on the Out of Character podcast, Corbin revealed that he didn’t want McIntyre to kick out of his End of Days finisher.

“Wasn’t my call, let’s just say that. I mean, honestly, we’re out of character here, the 100 per cent honest truth, I would have loved to have saved that for a bigger moment for me and something that selfishly would have benefited me” Corbin began.

Happy Corbin Finisher

“It made a special moment for him and hopefully he appreciates that and hopefully he knows what it meant to me and it got an unbelievable reaction when he did” Corbin concluded.

As the WWE commentators noted on the show, nobody had kicked out of the finisher up until that point. It’s a shame that Corbin didn’t make the decision, but McIntyre is certainly a big star on the roster to give that honour to.

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