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Former WWE Superstar believes MAJOR faction reunion could happen

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, nostalgia often plays a pivotal role in captivating audiences. A recent virtual signing event with former WWE Superstar Heath Slater has sparked discussions about a potential reunion of the once-dominant faction, Nexus.

Slater, reflecting on the group’s impact and the current landscape of wrestling during a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, expressed his belief that a Nexus reunion could indeed be a seismic event in the wrestling world.

The Nexus Legacy in WWE

The Nexus, formed in 2010, was a group of ‘rookies’ from the first season of the original NXT, led initially by season one winner Wade Barrett.

Their arrival on the main WWE roster was marked by chaos and disruption, quickly establishing them as a formidable force.

The faction saw a leadership change in 2010 when CM Punk took the reins from Barrett. During their tenure, Nexus members made a significant impact, capturing the WWE Tag Team Championships on three occasions.

Heath Slater’s Perspective

Slater, reflecting on the potential for a reunion, highlighted the current status of the original Nexus members. He mentioned CM Punk’s prominent position, Wade Barrett’s role in commentary, and the continued in-ring activities of other members like Justin Gabriel.

Slater, now more robust and experienced, sees a reunion not just as a trip down memory lane but as an opportunity to shake the wrestling world once again.

The Feasibility of a Reunion in WWE

While Slater’s comments were not an official pitch, they do raise questions about the feasibility of such a reunion.

The wrestling landscape has evolved significantly since Nexus’s heyday, with many members pursuing different paths.

However, the idea of them coming together again could indeed be a compelling storyline, given their history and the current dynamics in professional wrestling.


  • What was Nexus in WWE?
    • Nexus was a faction of WWE ‘rookies’ from the first season of NXT, known for their impactful

debut and disruption in WWE around 2010.

  • Who led the Nexus faction?
    • Wade Barrett initially led Nexus, with CM Punk taking over leadership in 2010.
  • What did Heath Slater say about a Nexus reunion?
    • Heath Slater expressed that a Nexus reunion could be a significant event in wrestling, noting the current activities of the original members and the potential impact of their comeback.
  • Has there been a Nexus reunion before?
    • As of now, there hasn’t been an official Nexus reunion since their disbandment.
  • What championships did Nexus win in WWE?
    • Nexus members won the WWE Tag Team Championships three times during their tenure.
  • Is a Nexus reunion officially planned in WWE?
    • There is no official plan for a Nexus reunion as of now; the idea is based on Heath Slater’s speculation and belief.
  • How has the wrestling landscape changed since Nexus’s time?
    • The wrestling world has evolved with new stars, storylines, and the emergence of other wrestling promotions, making the landscape more diverse than during Nexus’s era.
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