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AEW has MASSIVE praise for Jade Cargill after WWE debut

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where talent and hard work collide in the squared circle, Jade Cargill‘s recent WWE debut has been the talk of the town.

However, it’s the commendation from her peers in AEW, particularly from Ricky Starks, that has caught the attention of fans and critics alike.

Starks, in a heartfelt discussion on the Gabby AF podcast, shared his admiration and support for Cargill, highlighting her dedication and the immense effort she puts into her craft.

WWE News: Jade Cargill – A Testament to Hard Work

Jade Cargill, known for her charismatic presence and athletic prowess, has always been a figure of inspiration within the wrestling community.

Starks’ comments shed light on the often unseen hard work and dedication that Cargill brings to the table. “She busts her ass more than anyone wants to give her credit for,” Starks remarked, emphasising that Cargill’s success is no stroke of luck but the result of relentless hard work and sacrifice.

Beyond the Ring: The Growth of a Performer

Cargill’s journey in wrestling is not just a testament to her physical capabilities but also to her creative vision and understanding of the sport.

Starks noted her creativity and the way she perceives wrestling, pointing out her growth as a performer. “She’s very creative and her mind of how wrestling is, to see it shape and how it’s starting to unravel is very cool,” he said.

This insight into Cargill’s approach to wrestling highlights her as a multifaceted athlete, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of her craft.

WWE News: Unwavering Support Among Peers

The support and camaraderie within the wrestling community are palpable, with Starks expressing his unwavering support for Cargill.

His stance on public support for friends in the industry underscores the tight-knit nature of the wrestling world, where achievements are celebrated collectively.

“I will never shy away from supporting my friends publicly,” Starks affirmed, showcasing the solidarity and mutual respect that exists among wrestlers.


  • Who is Jade Cargill?
    • Jade Cargill is a professional wrestler known for her charismatic presence and athletic prowess in the ring.
  • What did Ricky Starks say about Jade Cargill?
    • Ricky Starks praised Jade Cargill for her hard work and dedication, highlighting her creativity and growth as a performer in the wrestling industry.
  • How does Jade Cargill approach her wrestling career?
    • Jade Cargill approaches her wrestling career with creativity and a deep understanding of the sport, constantly working hard and making sacrifices to evolve as a performer.
  • What does the support from peers like Ricky Starks signify?
    • The support from peers like Ricky Starks signifies the strong camaraderie and mutual respect within the wrestling community, where achievements are celebrated together.
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