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Jade Cargill talks how AEW veterans PREPARED her for WWE

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In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Jade Cargill, the former TBS Champion in AEW, shared her insights on how her time in AEW laid the groundwork for her transition to WWE.

Cargill, who recently made her WWE debut, credits the veterans in AEW for preparing her for the grander stage of WWE.

From AEW to WWE: A Seamless Transition

Jade Cargill’s journey in professional wrestling began with a bang in AEW, where she quickly established herself as an unstoppable force.

Her undefeated streak as the TBS Champion is a testament to her prowess in the ring. This experience, according to Cargill, was instrumental in preparing her for the challenges of WWE.

WWE News: The Role of AEW Veterans in Shaping Cargill’s Career

Cargill’s time in AEW was not just about winning matches and titles. It was a period of learning and growth, facilitated by the veterans in the locker room.

These seasoned wrestlers played a crucial role in honing her skills, teaching her the nuances of the sport, and preparing her for the bigger stage of WWE:

“I felt like I would have not gotten a better start than in AEW. I think the veterans in the locker room prepared me for the grander stage at WWE.

“I got a great experience there being thrown into the water and being able to swim and survive, it prepared me for the big stage that WWE has.”

WWE News: Looking Ahead – Cargill’s Prospects in WWE

With her exceptional start in WWE, fans and critics alike are eager to see how Cargill will be booked in the coming months.

Her confidence and skills put her in a strong position to succeed in WWE’s women’s division.


  • What role did AEW play in Jade Cargill’s wrestling career? AEW was instrumental in Cargill’s development as a wrestler, providing her with the opportunity to learn from veterans and build her in-ring skills.
  • How did Jade Cargill perform in her WWE debut? Cargill had a solid performance in her WWE debut, showcasing her skills and readiness for the WWE environment.
  • What are the expectations for Jade Cargill in WWE? There is a lot of anticipation and hope among fans and critics that Cargill will succeed and become a prominent figure in WWE’s women’s division.
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