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Jade Cargill makes a BIG claim about AEW following WWE signing

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Jade Cargill, the newly-signed WWE Superstar, has made some significant remarks about her journey in the wrestling world, particularly her time with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

In a recent conversation with PEOPLE, Cargill opened up about her transition from AEW to WWE and how her initial stint with AEW was a blessing.

Jade’s journey into professional wrestling wasn’t something she had always envisioned. Reflecting on her past, she mentioned, “If you would have told me about three years ago that I was going to be a professional wrestler, I would have probably burst out laughing.”

However, her time in AEW turned out to be a crucial stepping stone. She believes that AEW provided her with the best possible start in the wrestling business, stating, “I feel like it was a blessing (starting in AEW). I would have never got a better start anywhere else.”

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Jade Cargill and Transitioning to WWE: A New Chapter

Jade’s move to WWE is seen by many as a significant leap in her career. Speaking about this transition, she expressed her gratitude towards AEW for preparing her for the challenges ahead. “I feel like I’m walking into a new light. AEW prepared me. It prepared me to have thick and tough skin,” she said.

Jade also touched upon the idea that if she had joined a massive entity like WWE at a younger age, it might have been overwhelming.

She added, “If I would have been a part of such a machine like WWE at a younger age, I would have probably been in my head so much – so much – but because I’ve worn several hats in this life and I’ve already been thrown in the fire, so it’s just prepared me for these moments.”

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  • Did Jade Cargill start her wrestling career with AEW?
    • Yes, Jade began her professional wrestling journey with All Elite Wrestling.
  • How does Jade feel about her time in AEW?
    • Jade believes that starting in AEW was a blessing and that she couldn’t have had a better start anywhere else.
  • What did Jade say about joining WWE?
    • Jade feels that she is stepping into a new phase of her career with WWE. She credits AEW for preparing her for this transition, especially in developing resilience.
  • Was Jade always interested in becoming a professional wrestler?
    • No, Jade mentioned that if someone had told her three years ago about becoming a wrestler, she would have laughed at the idea.

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