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HUGE WWE Superstar wants Jade Cargill in his faction

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Bobby Lashley, a dominant force in the WWE and a two-time WWE Champion, has always been a figure of admiration and respect. His journey in the company has seen him align with various factions, notably The Hurt Business and, more recently, with The Street Profits. Now, he has his eyes set on a new addition to his faction, and it’s none other than the recently signed Jade Cargill.

Bobby Lashley’s leadership qualities are evident. He’s currently at the helm, guiding Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins on Friday Night Smackdown.

When the topic of Jade Cargill’s signing with WWE came up during an interview on 100.7 The Bay, Lashley didn’t mince his words. He sees Jade as a potential game-changer for his faction.

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Jade Cargill: Impactful WWE Signing

The wrestling community was abuzz when WWE announced the signing of Jade Cargill to a multi-year contract. Her entry into WWE wasn’t just a regular signing; it sent shockwaves throughout the pro wrestling world.

Jade had previously made significant strides in AEW, and her decision to transition to WWE speaks volumes about her ambition and the allure of the WWE platform.

Lashley commented on her move, stating, “It’s a significant signing for WWE. Her switch indicates the progression she seeks in her career. There are limited factions where I’d envision her, but with a female component, some groups would undoubtedly become more formidable.

“I might reach out to her soon. I genuinely believe she’d complement our faction, and wherever she lands, she’s destined for stardom.”

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WWE’s Plans for Jade

It’s not just Lashley who sees the potential in Jade. WWE is reportedly investing heavily in her.

Not only is she expected to receive a substantial package, but the entire Creative team of WWE is also brainstorming plans for her future storyline and brand positioning.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see how WWE will introduce and utilise her in the coming days.

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The Community’s Reaction

The question now arises: Do the fans and the WWE community want to see Jade Cargill align with Bobby Lashley’s faction?

The prospect is undoubtedly intriguing. Such a collaboration could redefine the dynamics of the faction wars in WWE and set the stage for some captivating storylines.

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  • Who is Bobby Lashley?
    • Bobby Lashley is a two-time WWE Champion and a prominent figure in the company. He has been associated with factions like The Hurt Business and currently leads a faction with The Street Profits.
  • Who is Jade Cargill?
    • Jade Cargill is a professional wrestler who recently signed a multi-year contract with WWE. She previously made a significant impact in AEW.
  • Why does Lashley want Jade in his faction?
    • Lashley believes that Jade Cargill would be a perfect fit for his faction and that her inclusion could make the group even stronger.
  • What are WWE’s plans for Jade Cargill?
    • WWE is investing heavily in Jade, with the entire Creative team working on plans for her future in the company.
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