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WWE Hall of Famer makes a MASSIVE claim regarding Jade Cargill

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Jade Cargill, the former AEW TBS Champion, has been making waves in the wrestling world, and it seems she’s caught the attention of WWE Hall of Famer, Bully Ray.

With her upcoming WWE debut, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding her potential in the wrestling giant.

Bully Ray, during a recent episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast, expressed his high expectations for the former AEW star in WWE.

He believes that WWE will harness her potential to the fullest. According to him, Jade possesses the ‘it factor’ – a combination of the right look, athletic prowess, and overall charisma. He’s confident that WWE will mould her into a megastar.

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The ‘It Factor’ of Jade Cargill

Jade’s unique blend of attributes sets her apart in the wrestling world.

Bully Ray emphasised her standout qualities, stating, “Jade Cargill has the ‘it factor.’ She’s got the look. She’s got the athletic ability. She has it all.”

He also expressed hope that she would retain her name, given its existing recognition in the wrestling community.

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Comparisons with Wrestling Legends

Drawing parallels between Jade and iconic wrestlers, Bully Ray mentioned her potential to reach the heights of Chyna, a worldwide superstar.

He remarked on her exceptional look and the promise she holds, suggesting that fans will soon witness Jade Cargill’s talents being utilised to their maximum potential in WWE.

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The Road Ahead for Jade Cargill

While the former AEW star is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, Bully Ray believes she might benefit from a bit of development in the initial months.

This period would be crucial for her to adapt and integrate into the WWE environment, ensuring she shines brightly on the global stage.


  • Q: Who is Jade Cargill? A: Jade Cargill is a professional wrestler, known for her time as the AEW TBS Champion. She’s set to make her debut in WWE.
  • Q: What did Bully Ray say about Jade Cargill? A: Bully Ray, on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, expressed his belief that Jade Cargill has the ‘it factor’ and that WWE will turn her into a megastar.
  • Q: How did Bully Ray compare Jade Cargill’s potential? A: Bully Ray compared Jade’s potential to that of Chyna, suggesting she has the makings of a worldwide superstar.
  • Q: Will Jade Cargill retain her name in WWE? A: Bully Ray expressed hope that Jade would keep her name, given its existing recognition, but the final decision rests with WWE.

Remember, the world of professional wrestling is ever-evolving, and talents like Jade Cargill are a testament to the bright future the industry holds.

With endorsements from legends like Bully Ray, it’s clear that Jade’s journey in WWE will be one to watch.

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