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Jade Cargill gets MASSIVE praise from WWE SmackDown Superstar

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Jade Cargill, once a shining star in AEW, has recently made waves in the WWE universe. Her transition from AEW to WWE has been nothing short of remarkable, despite her not actually wrestling yet, and the wrestling community has taken notice.

Jade’s decision to leave AEW came as a surprise to many, especially considering that Tony Khan, AEW’s president, was willing to offer her a substantial amount to stay.

However, WWE saw the potential in Jade and didn’t hesitate to bring her on board. As the anticipation for her television debut grows, insiders reveal that she’s been integrating seamlessly backstage.

Jade Cargill: High Praise from Colleagues

The backstage buzz about Jade has been overwhelmingly positive. Her professionalism, impressive presence, and quick adaptability have been the talk of the town.

WWE’s creative team has been actively brainstorming ideas tailored for her, indicating the company’s high hopes and plans for her future.

Shotzi’s Glowing Remarks

Shotzi, a WWE SmackDown superstar, recently shared her thoughts on Jade. She recalled meeting Jade during a SmackDown event and was impressed by her affable nature.

Shotzi remarked during an interview with Wrestling News: “She was super pleasant, super nice, like completely fit in the locker room automatically. It’s good to have her. I believe she’ll excel wherever she goes, be it NXT, Raw, or even SmackDown.”

Jade Cargill: Her Legacy in AEW

Jade’s contribution to AEW is undeniable. She played a pivotal role in elevating the TBS Championship. With her now in WWE, fans are eager to see the direction the company takes with her.

She’s made appearances on RAW, SmackDown, and NXT, keeping fans guessing about her next move. One thing is clear: any WWE brand would be fortunate to have her on their roster.


  • Why did Jade Cargill leave AEW?
    • Jade chose to leave AEW, even though she was offered a significant amount to stay. She later joined WWE.
  • What are the backstage reactions to Jade in WWE?
    • The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising her professionalism and adaptability.
  • Has Jade made her WWE television debut?
    • While the anticipation for her official television debut is high, she has made appearances during events like the Fastlane kickoff show.
  • What did Shotzi say about Jade?
    • Shotzi praised Jade for her pleasant nature and believes she’ll excel in any WWE brand she chooses.
  • What was Jade’s role in AEW?
    • Jade was instrumental in elevating the TBS Championship during her time in AEW.
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